0.5% of What Is Possible

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0.5% of What Is Possible

I recently favorited and retweeted this awesome tweet:

I mean, seriously. That says it all.

My mild obsession with genealogy (which had its origins sometime around when I painstakingly created the image at the top, in Illustrator of all ridiculous platforms) continues, as I search for the best way to display a family tree in a modern, beautiful format. And more specifically, to show both ancestors and decendants/living family members in one comprehensive, easy-to-understand chart.

I recently revisited the D3.js page and fiddled around with the sunburst partition chart again. It’s so elegant. I have a new chart prototype that I’m really excited about.

So I want people to be able to build this beautiful chart I’ve designed themselves, in a web page. I just need to do is figure out how to let the user enter their relatives and have the chart update automatically. Like, I want them to click on a person in the chart and be able to add a relative and have the chart “zwoop”, adjust, add the relative.

Oh dear. I’m getting into Web App territory here. Which means I’m pretty sure I have to learn at least one new programming language (I’m thinking React.js?) to do this. Yup,

I know 0.5% of what is possible.”

but I’ll be diving in, and posting here as I go.

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