Fun with JavaScript

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Fun with JavaScript

I’m having a blast reviewing what I think of as the “fun” web language, JavaScript. If HTML is the simple content of a web page, and CSS is all the fancy dress-up styles, JavaScript is where things get social. JavaScript is a web page at a party! It gives us pop-up messages, and user input, and interactive web apps. Wahoo!

(By the way – to brush up on my JS skills, I just rejoined Treehouse, the site that took me from hobbyist to professional in HTML and CSS way back when I was launching Lobstervine, which seems like 100 years ago. I had forgotten what a great learning site it is, and it’s only gotten better. If you want to learn any type of design or programming, I highly recommend them.)

So all the little exercises I’m doing for my “brush-up” class are pretty simple … but my 12-year-old was watching over my shoulder yesterday and told me I should post some of them here on the blog. Why not?

Welcome to the JavaScript party! Reload this page to get the pop-up window again, and change the number of circles displayed below. They’ll show up in pretty new random colors each time, too. It may not be a full-fledged genealogy web app … but it’s not bad for just a 26 lines of code.

How fun is that?

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